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Kham ends the summer with Oui

It has been a busy summer for Kham as he has released several singles and capped off his first mini-tour. As the summer comes to a close, Kham releases a new single ‘Oui’ featuring seni. The island-inspired, uptempo song finds Kham expressing his desire to be committed to the woman he loves while seni. croons over the hook. Songs such ‘Oui’ have shown Kham’s versatility with sound as he states, ‘I make music based on the seasons of life I am in. When I made Roll The Dice, I was coming out of period of struggle in all aspects of my life. Now I am in a season where I have found new things including love, so that’s when I create songs like Oui.’

Oui is the fifth single from Culture Villains as a part of their summer release campaign, CV Summer.

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