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Culture Villains Music Publishing


Music artists, songwriters, and producers have to navigate the complex industry to achieve success. It's crucial to recognize and capitalize on every opportunity in front of you — especially financial opportunities. Many independent artists don’t know that even after they distribute their release to digital stores and platforms, they could be leaving significant money on the table.


That’s where Culture Villains Music's Publishing Administration services come in. 


As one of the top publishing administration companies for independent artists, Culture Villains Music helps artists like you maximize their profits. 


We work with performing rights organizations (PROs) + other societies to collect and pay out our artists’ earned royalties from their original music, cover songs, uploaded videos, and more, making sure they receive 100% of their earnings.


Additionally, we pitch our artists’ music for sync opportunities through media, teams, and additional brand opportunities while collecting revenue and paying our artists.

Meet Our Publishing Artists

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