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Culture Villains unite for re-release of JA7A

Big Yae and the rest of his Culture Villains’ comrades have re-released one of their most popular songs to perform, JA7A. The Enzo Gran produced track, sees each rapper showing pride for their home area as they display a fast-paced delivery throughout the song. JA7A was originally released in a demo format with the ‘2 for 1’ double single release. As JA7A became more popular during tour runs, the Culture Villains decided to go back in the studio and re-record, re-master, and re-release the song for their core audience.

Yae states,

“JA7A is the most loved song at our shows and we wanted to rerelease a version that slaps when our fans play it as opposed to the original that really didn’t hit the way we would’ve liked. This rerelease is mainly for our day one fans and also something for new listeners to enjoy if they are just being introduced to the CV movement.”

JA7A is the third track from Big Yae’s untitled, forthcoming album.

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