Big Yae releases 2nd album, Young Gohan!

Updated: May 27

After a two year hiatus since his last album, Big Yae releases his newest body of work, Young Gohan. The Dragonball Z inspired project is a 13 track offering with 4 additional bonus tracks for listeners. Young Gohan boasts production from 1995, Killawatts, Cardec Drums, Enzo Gran, and OnBeatMusic while also hosting guest features from Rockstar Jt, CZAR Josh, Kham, and Phil J.

Young Gohan takes its audience through various emotions as it is Big Yae’s most vulnerable and transparent work to date. Songs such as Ultima, Amen, and Bet That Up serve as a showcase of Yae’s growing lyrical ability. Meanwhile, tracks like Saturdays, Perfection, and Heal Me show the human side of Yae as he struggles with family trauma, heartbreak, and depression. Young Gohan finds Big Yae in his rawest and purest form as he continues his growth as an artist and creates a soundtrack for listeners struggling through life obstacles as young adults.


  1. Ultima

  2. Amen

  3. Bet That Up (Feat. Rockstar JT & KHAM)

  4. Hold Up

  5. JA7A (Feat. Kham & CZAR Josh)

  6. Saturdays

  7. Perfection

  8. Not A Love Song

  9. Jasmine’s Message

  10. How You Really Feel

  11. Heal Me

  12. Keep On Walking ( Feat. Phil J )

  13. Young Gohan

  14. Hoodie Melo (Bonus)

  15. Trust Love (Bonus)

  16. Without You (Bonus)

  17. Take Me Away (Bonus)



 Culture Villains 2020

Culture Villains is an Independent Record Label that features artists Kham and CZAR Josh. Based in Baltimore, Culture Villains has released Billboard and iTunes charting music since its inception in 2017.


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